Fragments is an exhibition that took place at Miami Beach Urban Studios showcasing the work from the 2018 graduating B.F.A. class at Florida International University. The work consisted of various mediums and ideas hence the title. I was requested by the class to design their exhibition catalogue.  

I believe design should be clean, functional and seamless, naturally I wanted to design a catalogue that was engaging and interesting without overloading the audience with written information. My main goal was to use the catalogue to provide an identity for the exhibition. The standard book format wouldn’t be enough to support my concept, which is why I decided to play around with the idea of fragmenting the information. There is an organized grid system that I measured and designed to maintain order that would only be discovered after completely opening the catalogue. I thought it would be interesting to have the audience piece together the artwork with the respective artists and emphasize Fragments in a way that was not obvious or cheesy. Using a folding technique, I was able to keep the idea simple and not too complicated for the audience to understand and engage. I chose cool colors because fragments remind me of mirrors and glass and typically those materials project cool and neutral tones of blue and green.

Below are sketches of my process and how I eventually got to the final product. The project took me about 2 weeks but I still allowed myself to focus on every detail to bring this minimal idea to life.

Professor: Benjamin Zellmer Bellas

Participating Artists:

Juliana Barrios
Eliana Fajardo
Edwardo Moreno
Cristina Novoa
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