Light projection, Mylar, pedestal
Dimensions infinite
I am investigating and researching the function of the grid and how it has been acting as the foundation of social media, which then affects social constructs within our society. Where does a network begin and end, where does a grid begin and end? How deeply embedded are we in the grid or rather the system? And more importantly who is acknowledging it? I make decisions by reviewing my past actions within my work and discover rules that I have unconsciously made. 
When thinking about my work conceptually I define the used elements in question in laments terms. I use minimal material to express my work visually and rely heavily on elements that can arguably be infinite just like the grid, as well as uncontrollable and abstract to discuss a concrete notion. I would position my work alongside other contemporary artists interested in experimental and conceptual art. I respond to the current commodity of media by visually reshaping how it affects its users and how intertwined it has become in restricting society as a whole.