I.R.M.A. is an exhibition that took place at Florida International University in the W01 Lab studio. Robert Chambers, Crystal Alyssa and Hugo Aldana Jr gathered over 80 F.I.U. student artists to take over the entire building and put on a one night happening. The purpose of the show was to showcase student work related to Hurricane Irma, which was a devastating storm that hit Miami and damaged most of South Florida. Many of the sculptures made that were featured in the show were made of debris and wood from trees that were blown down. Many people, including students, were affected by the damages of Hurricane Irma so the show also functioned to cheer people up and help lighten the mood around the campus.​​​​​​​ The show took place during Art Basel and because it was a "happening" many people brought food, drinks and more artwork and it become a colorful show. 

Cultural Producers: Crystal Alyssa and Hugo Aldana Jr 
Design and Writing: Crystal Alyssa
Organized by Robert Chambers

It is Happening.
It is a storm with a violent wind clustering unconscious actions and active concerns. Blending together the power of rational explanation and the embrace of the illogical unknown.
It is bigger than us.
Pursuing us to move from one place to another; mentally, physically, spiritually. Just as we simultaneously fight to claim back what is rightfully ours. Nature participates in reclamation as well; constantly arguing with us.
Our experiences are a series of aftereffects or consequences. We attempt to make sense of it all as we watch it Happening.

Participating Artists:
Justin Leary, Hector Brignone, Crystal Alyssa, Hugo Aldana Jr, Eliana Fajardo, Hunter Ehlers, Michelle Bardino, Arina Polyanskaya, Alina Velay, Juliana Barrios, Sterling Rook, Alexander Mirchuk, Alexander Narus, Devora Perez, Neil Mayorga, German Ruiz, Tori Arpad Cotta, Rosie Levine, Rhea Leonard, Samantha Eden Oakey, Micheal Gray, Donna Torres, Guido Mena, Susan La, Jahdiel Ortiz, Lucca Levin, Mathew Satelo, Denis Rovinsky, Tony Lugo, Leo Castaneda, Shirley Chong, Pip Brant, William (Bill) McGuire, Mirta Gomez, Daniel Almeida, Jose Garcia, Paul Perdomo, Stephanie Perez, Itzel Basualdo, Cesar Castillo, Carlos Causo and more.

Music and Live Performances:
Artisan Soul​​​​​​​
Filmed and produced by Carlos Causo