A System
2018, Acrylic mirror, fishing string, projector, Mylar, Dimensions Infinite
This is a site specific installation containing a projection of a grid colored with Twitter blue onto a sheet of Mylar mounted against one wall, which then reflects on the opposite facing wall. Within the center of the installation is a perfectly square cut mirror that spins from the circulating air or the audience. The idea of this installation is to create a system that limits the perspective of the audience in terms of exposing the true foundation of the “system”. As the mirror spins it captures part of the grid and reflects it onto the rest of the space whether it be within the confines of the installation of onto other parts of the exhibition. It continues the conversation that the grid is within every framework within our reality in any aspect and the speed of the reflection being shown is at one point too fast for the audience to comprehend. This continues the conversation of social media limiting our perspectives with their own restriction as well as physical grid infrastructures within a virtual space that is as infinite as light.

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